Our Story

Urban Adornments started from mother & daughter teaming up to raise money for an educational trip abroad. We have always enjoyed creating DIYs and art in our free time. Beading came easy. First we made bracelets for family and friends. Before we knew it, locals were placing orders! 

Beading has been another way for us to feed our passions while also facilitating other's freedom of expression. We pay attention to detail in every bracelet made; from product quality, color composition, size & placement of beads, to even inquiring about the personal style of the recipient. We take pride in our work and truly enjoy making each and every piece. Urban Adornments has made bracelets to help bring friends & families together, say I love you, say I'm sorry, provide a token of encouragement, make a bold statement, or just display your minimalism. Let us help you represent who you are!

Take a look around our store; we want you to find something that suits your taste and lifestyle.

As always, wear in good health!